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How to Download

to make your download process a pleasant one please read some suggestions on how to download files from www.zen4soul.com

Music File downloads:

  • After you went through check out procedure you will end up on the page with download links for the file you requested.
  • If for some strange reason you wondered out of that page and can’t get back, for your convenience you will also receive an email with the same download links. Please check the spam folders inside your mail program if you did not receive an email in 10min interval.
  • The music files are in zip, mp3 file format and will be available to download for 24 hours after the time of the order was placed.
  • We recommend using a fast internet “broadband” connection for downloads. Some of them a pretty large and might give you timeout errors on slow speeds. If you still have problems with downloading files, contact us through this form. Please give us useful, clear information on why you could not download the files.

For iPhone and iPod users:

  • Even though technically it is possible to download to those devices, by default device itself won’t recognize the zip file format in which the albums of Estas Tonne are. You will need a third-party app to unzip it and this is out of the scope of ETMusic Teams help.
  • We strongly recommend to use a desktop PC for all of the music downloads from this site and then copy them to your iPhone or iPod.
  • If you completed a purchase on iPhone or iPod through Paypal, there is a chance that it will get “on hold” status. This is the new Paypal security measures and we can’t do much about it. Usually, it will clear in a few day’s time and only then you will receive a download link.

Paying – Donating:

  • You can use PayPal as well as any major credit card to contribute.
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